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Careers / Employment

TowerServ employees are equipped, trained and experienced in all aspects of the testing, maintenance and inspection of electronic, RF and grounding systems. The safety of our employees is a priority. In addition to observing national laws we take great care in educating our employees in all aspects of job safety for all construction areas: residential, commercial and telecommunications. Our teams regularly receive training in all aspects of safety, including rescue recovery and fall safety to ensure it remains in the forefront of our daily routine.

S25TowerServ is currently hiring for the positions listed below. All positions require extensive traveling. Selection of any listed position will link to a full description and application.

Tower Technician Tower Tech - Journeyman Tower Tech - Foreman

To apply for a position, please complete our online Application for Employment or contact

Rob Wineland, President
(317) 504-4042

Email: info@S25TowerServ.com Phone: (317) 672-3908
S25TowerServ | 5436 West 78th Street | Indianapolis, IN 46268

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